Whether you want to improve how you look because you are getting ready for a special event, or simply want to know what styles, colors, or patterns work best for you, I’ve got you covered. Look into the 4 options such as Personal Discovery, Body + Face Proportion, Wardrobe Management or Personal Shopping. Which fits you best?

Are you ready to enhance the best you?

Personal Discovery:
Style + Colors

Time: 3.5 Hours personal session – Investment: $350

Join me on a journey through fabric and time to discover the essence of color and the power of contrast and combination. For the: first timers, curious, budget conscious, wants to discover their style, wants to discover the best colors to match their skin tone, and know the best type of tops, pants, skirts to match their body shape.

  • With color samples we will determine the best color for you. A customized color analysis is the only way to find your right colors.
  • You will get a personalized wallet of colors that you can take with you when shopping for clothing, accessories, or cosmetics.
  • Color recommendations will be given for all accessories including shoes, purses, jewelry, and eyewear.
  • Recommendations for your best dark, light, bright.
  • We will determine your best style for you

Body + Face proportion,
style and patterns

Time: 2.5 Hours personal session – Investment: $250

Join me on a journey to discover the secret is to de-emphasize the parts of your body that make you feel self-conscience and focus on your assets.  and the power of contrast and combination. When it comes to choice making you feel lost and you just keep repeating the same mistake which you have done before. Do you dislike certain aspects of your body and find it difficult to shop for clothes?

  • Measurements of your body and face proportion.
  • With the measurements, I will help you to determine which clothing styles, proportions, lengths, accessories, pattern, and hair style are most flattering for your body and face shapes.
  • You will find out how to mix totally different lengths and shapes.
  • Learn how to choose the right clothing for your body. All bodies are unique and beautiful. Every person’s body has assets.

Thank you so much for your expert advice and delightful companionship as we worked together to build a professional and fun wardrobe. I thoroughly enjoy working with you and will think of you every time I get dressed!
– Holly


Time: 3 Hours personal session – Investment: $300

Have an overflowing closet, but wear only a tiny fraction of the clothes in there. Struggle with what is age-appropriate, business-appropriate or how to create a wardrobe for each aspect of your life. We will go over a closet detox, 3 Wardrobe capsules, and a shopping list.

  • You will learn how to organized you wardrobe and you will be able to locate any piece of clothing quickly.
  • Your wardrobe are going to be simplified by removing all the wear that’s not right for you. You will love all of the remaining outfits.
  • You will be left a shopping list for needed items.
  • You will never again ask yourself what to wear.


Time: 3.5 Hours personal session – Investment: $350

I will teach you how to shop comfortably and how to have the most effective shopping experience of your life. In only an couple hours I will find clothing that compliments your body and enhances your wardrobe. As an image consultant I will help you save your time and money with each shopping experience.
This is a fun, incredible experience that will allow us to find the best clothes for you so that you can achieve more in your life and take your life to the next wonderful step!


I wanted to let you know how absolutely wonderful my experience was with you. The clothes shopping were great and your advice on color and fit were invaluable. People are noticing the change – thank you!
– Terrie

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