A Men’s Guide to Dressing Well

Being well outfitted takes far more than just a pricey suit. A man can possess the best suit money can purchase but still not look refined. To be able to present yourself as a well-dressed male member of the population you will need to bring your lifestyle together by reading GQ and other male fashion magazines, shopping at good men’s stores, and looking around at the men who are well-dressed. These pointers can help you go from an ordinary boy in a suit to a refined and successful looking man.

Sneakers and hiking shoes should never be a choice for suits: Sneakers have come quite a distance in fashion, having made their way off the courts, and into the fitness center, and now into our daily lives. Leave your tennis shoes at the fitness center and leave the hiking boots in the bag for hiking. Check out sophisticated comfort in the everyday shoe such as loafers, tie shoes, or dress shoes.

If it generally does not fit “Don’t USE IT”. Because you have an extremely nice, expensive suit, or a set of stylish dark denim jeans doesn’t imply you’re in the style. You will need to be sure to clothing fits properly if you wish to look your very best. Slacks that are too limited or suit jackets that are too large can make you lack polish, no matter how much money you allocated to them. If you discover that your clothes aren’t appropriate, just think about browsing a tailor shop to see the current fashions.

Invest in Some Nice Socks: Nothing destroys a stylish suit as much as a couple of white cotton socks. Keep the health club socks for the fitness center and load your drawers with at least five pairs of nylon, or thin wool, dress socks that will match your suit. Imagine if you do not wear a suit to work? In most cases, those white socks should be used for tennis shoes only. If putting on dress shoes, also put on dress socks.

Don’t Forget Accessories: Any man can toss on a suit and a set of dress shoes, but it is the men who take five or six moments more to include some accessories with their ensemble that basically look tasteful and prepared to meet the business community with open hands. Spend money on small yet important things like cuff links, suspenders, connect clips and wrist watches to make certain you’re always dressed up your best.

Don’t Clash with Busy Designs: If you wish to wear a patterned shirt, leave your pin-striped pants for another day. In the same way, if you’re going to wear a patterned trouser (Plaids and stripes and only please), choose a good solid color shirt. With regards to dressing to make an impression, clashing is a significant fashion no-no. It takes a lot of experience to know if a striped shirt will look well with a striped suit, so it’s not for beginners.

Get an iron and Remove Wrinkles: Wrinkled shirts can destroy your appearance. To be sure to look your very best, make a plan to iron your pants as well as your shirts. If you discover you do not have time to place those important creases, consider purchasing a few line and wrinkle-free tops and slacks, and keep them nice and cool on hangers until it is time to bring them from the closet.

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