Dressing According to Your Body Type

Rectangle body shapes lack curves which may make them look less feminine. This body shape is the easiest to dress because you can fit them in wide range of clothes and most will suit them. The main rule for this type of body shape is that you need to create the illusion of a waist. You should avoid details at … Read More

A Men’s Guide to Dressing Well

Being well outfitted takes far more than just a pricey suit. A man can possess the best suit money can purchase but still not look refined. To be able to present yourself as a well-dressed male member of the population you will need to bring your lifestyle together by reading GQ and other male fashion magazines, shopping at good men’s … Read More

Fall Fashion & Color Trends: What’s Trending Hot on the Fashion Radar?

Ladies, it’s about time we began preparing our fall wardrobe, and hunting down the trends that are most-suitable for flaunting our curves. This season, designers are giving modern accents to our classic knitwear delights, and we see the colour radar brimming up with confident-instilling and energetic bright hues. Here, feast your eyes on the hottest trends to rock this fall: … Read More

Picking the Correct Jewelry

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It’s not so easy picking the right jewelry for you. Picking the correct jewelry to purchase can be very confusing. Make it simple by using the tips I give you in this free guide.